Console - by Colenso

Console products are a range of screenprint and digital print consumables sold exclusively by Colenso.


We stock a comprehensive range of screen/press washes including:

  • General Purpose
  • General Purpose Low Odour
  • Emulsifying
  • Emulsifying Low Odour *Available in 5LTR and 25LTR containers

General Purpose Screen Wash/Press Wash:

Screen cleaning solvent suitable for use with all types of solvent based inks. The solvent has been designed to give rapid re-wetting of the ink even when dry, and to assist in the subsequent “wash-off” process.

General Purpose Low Odour

As above but low odour and not as aggressive and does not contain cyclohexanone.

Emulsifying Screen Wash:

Emulsifying (water washable) screen cleaning solvent. Retains all high solvency powers of CSS12 general purpose screen cleaner but in addition contains a specially formulated blend of emulsifiers that enable the ink solution to form a stable emulsion immediately on contact with water. The “wash-off” process is therefore considerably more effective saving both labour and solvent usage.

Emulsifying Screen Wash Low Odour:

As above but low odour and not as aggressive and does not contain cyclohexanone.

Degrease Gel:

Specially formulated for the preparation of all modern types of mesh both new and used, removes dust and pin-holes and fisheyes are completely eliminated thus ensuring optimum stencil and adhesion.

Blue Screen Filler:

Water based, average drying speed, used for long runs, medium viscosity, non-flammable, self-drying, solvent resistant, decoat with warm water.

Stencil Remover Power:

Concentrated economy stencil decoater (10-20ltrs water per 100gms).