Marabu Screen Printing Inks

Screen printing is a highly versatile process, creating possibilities that no other can. To make the most of this technology for decorative and functional applications, flexibility and expertise, Colenso Screen Services offer you a guaranteed solution, tailor-made to your requirements.

Marabu has long played a key role in shaping screen printing technology. Their innovative ideas and products combined with in-depth knowledge of printing processes have been instrumental in driving this technology forward. All over the world, Marabu is synonymous with high-quality inks, manufactured to the highest standards.

Marabu Printing Inks – Expertise, Quality and Productivity

Marabu have been brightening the world around us for years. Since their foundation in 1859, they have been creating innovative inks for a wide range of applications. Marabu is a leading global manufacturer of screen, digital, and pad printing inks, and as well as of liquid coatings. Their experience of developing outstanding screen printing inks for industrial and graphic applications lasts for over 65 years. Marabu work day in, day out to make sure their name and brand are synonymous with quality.

Combining Ink and Glass to Create an Exquisite Design

When it comes to glass – whether for bottles, containers, panes, furniture, or communication devices – manufacturers need to make their products stand out. Marabu is the leading specialist for organic inks for glass, offering a broad range of brilliant shades.
A variety of design possibilities, lower costs, and ecofriendliness: few materials offer the unique qualities and exceptional versatility of glass. But printing on this challenging substrate requires the right expertise. Marabu’s line of inks for glass has the perfect solution – whatever your industry and whatever the application.

Branding Made Beautiful

Printing directly on bottles made from PE, PP, PET and other plastics presents a wealth of possibilities – and challenges. Customised designs make a unique, distinctive statement, and enable products to stand out. Screen printing is the ideal method.

Create a Stand-out Brand Image

Today, many products have a unique printed label. These range from the transparent no-label look to prominent labels for luxury items. Particularly for premium products, emotive, durable and attractive designs play a vital role – and these are best achieved through screen printing.

The screen printing method provides excellent opacity (important for dark substrates), a choice of high-gloss or matt finishes (for attractive results), and exceptional resistance to packaging contents and to mechanical strain – all great reasons to opt for this technology. Marabu screen printing inks dry exceptionally fast. Moreover, compatibility with other printing processes, such as flexography or offset printing, makes Marabu’s UV ink systems the number one choice.

For a Memorable Message and a Great Level of Comfort and Safety

Electronic switches and controls must work reliably, be easy to use, and be insensitive to dirt or dampness. Marabu not only offers inks specially designed for membrane switches, we are one of the few specialists to deliver end-to-end expertise – covering inks, adhesives, membranes, films, and production processes. When manufacturing membrane switches, inks, films, and adhesives must work in harmony to prevent adverse reactions. With our extensive experience as an ink supplier and our comprehensive know-how when it comes to materials and processes, we are at the fore front of innovative developments such as UV curable ink systems.

Adding a Special Touch - for Industrial Printing of Quality Input Systems

Touch user interfaces come in many guises, including panels, screens and membrane switches. The popularity of these technologies in smartphones and interactive netbooks is also inspiring their use in other devices and industries. In many products, membrane switches are increasingly being replaced by touch panels. The combination of sleek, cutting-edge glass and electronic functionality, plus highly durable and dirt-repellent surfaces, makes them highly attractive – for example, for medical and building technology and in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The fast-growing 3C (computing, communication and consumer electronics) market places exacting demands on materials – especially on inks. Against this background, Marabu has developed special, highly opaque inks for 3C applications such as smartphones and tablets.

Visual Appeal

When buying a car, consumers are very critical – particularly when it comes to appearances. Screen printing, with its colour brilliance and versatility, plays a key role in the automotive industry. Screen printing is ideal for printing details, for example on dashboard components such as speedometers, switches and other controls. The challenge lies in ensuring resistance to high temperatures, weather, wear, odours, abrasion and cleaning agents. In addition, key qualities include light fastness, perspiration fastness, excellent gloss and brilliance, chemical and mechanical resistance.

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"Screen printing is exceptionally versatile. The key to great results is selecting inks that offer the right properties to meet your specific challenges: high opacity, exceptional durability, good adhesive properties, or maximum flexibility"