Screen Printer's Checklist

Our “Screenprinter’s Checklist” is a reminder for all of those print shop essentials, which can often get overlooked.
You’ll find everything you need in our ‘Online Shop’, including: Plastisol and water-based inks, squeegee blades, speciality reclaiming products, cleaning brushes, pallette knives, tapes, protective equipment and lots more…if you can’t find what you are looking for, please call a member of our technical team and we can help assist you.

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Take a browse through our favourite essentials…

Stencil Materials

FOTEC is a brand of Saati focused on screenprinting chemicals. The range of products includes all screen process stencil materials: emulsions and capillary films, computer-to-screen emulsions, all chemicals for mesh preparation, stencil and ghost image removal, and even for “old style” technicians FOTEC presents masking and hand-cut films. High quality standards coupled with technical support for the stencil making industry and a long standing reliability are and will remain the pillars for the future.

Try our Fotechem 2060 Screen Filler Blue – 1 LTR
Medium viscosity, non-flammable, self drying, solvent resistant, deceit with warm water.

Colour Separation Films

Try our Inkjet Colour Separation Film Roll 1067MM X 30.5M

  • Large format.
  • Film is ideal for producing a high density black with either dye or pigment inks.
  • Excellent water resistance.
  • Can be used with HP, Epson and Canon printers – 130 micron.
  • Size 610mm x 30.5m roll.

Machinery and Equipment

Made in the UK our coating troughs feature the highest quality anodised aluminium coating and are an essential tool for screenprinting.

Durable, strong and easy to hold, the Aluminium Coating Troughs facilitate the process of coating the emulsion onto the screen before exposure.

Our Aluminium Coating Troughs are supplied with plastic removable end caps, which are secure during usage and can be removed for cleaning. The shape of the trough allows it to sit easily on flat surfaces between coats and holds a good amount of emulsion for lengthy coating sessions.

Available in a variety of sizes depending on the image size; it is recommended to choose a trough which covers the image surface area comfortably.

  • Made to order, please allow 2-3 days for delivery.

Stencil Materials - Emulsions

Triple-cure emulsion.

For printing plastisol, water-based and discharge inks, can be chemicaly hardneed with Forechem 2119 to produce a waterproof and abrasion resistant stencil. High resolution. Faster in exposure compared to1019; it allows to reduce exposure time by 40-50%.

Squeegee Blades and Handles

One of the most important of all the components involved in the screen printing process, is the Squeegee blade. Yet as one of the most important components, it is easily neglected. The squeegee blade plays a key role in the control of the overall quality of your print. A worn or chipped Squeegee blade will not allow the ink to transfer evenly through the screen. Indeed not only can a worn blade reduce print quality, it can also increase your print cost by applying too much ink.

Here at Colenso we offer a choice of handles, sizes and blades.

Our wooden squeegee handles are:

  • Handmade to order
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Superb quality and beautifully finished
  • Shaped for comfort and grip.

**If you prefer a different blade please specify the grade: Very Soft, Soft, Soft-Medium, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Extremely Hard. This can be specified in our ‘order notes’ section when you checkout.

*Contact us at Colenso Screen Services Ltd, for further sizes and options. Tel: 01928 701356 or email

Screen Printing Essentials - Textile Sundries

Wilflex Spray Adhesive-for holding down the garment during printing. Wilflex Hot Tak is particularly suited for the rapid heat cycles encountered in the process.  It is a clear, mist- type spray adhesive that takes quickly and should hold all textile type products, including fleece garments.

Temperature resistant-ozone friendly.

High Tack.


Screen Printing Inks - Wilflex Epic Plastisol

WILFLEX™ EPIC Plastisol.

No matter where on the globe or the size of the screen print shop, Wilflex Epic plastisol inks are market-leading in product innovation, application techniques, education, compliance, and quality behind the brand.

Our development teams focus on regional and global needs for improved product design and performance. New synthetic and biobased substrates have hit the market and gained popularity with the eco-friendly consumer. We are always on the lookout for what the next trend will be.  Fashion trends are hard to predict, but one thing for certain, screen printers depend on Wilflex to lead the way.

The series includes additives, color mixing systems, white ink, special effect ink, premixed colours, transfer ink and solutions for polyester printing.

Screen Printing Inks - Special Effect Inks

Wilflex™ Metallics, Shimmers and Glitters inks are non-phthalate, plastisol screen-printing inks for apparel. These inks have been specially formulated to provide textile printers with the same application parameters as conventional vinyl plastisol ink systems.

  • Brilliant, high-shine effects
  • Liquid wet look to brilliant sparkle
  • Low curing ink designed for reduced energy consumption
  • Ready-for-use

Wilflex™ Epic Texture Bases – for high definiton design. Whether your inspiration for a print design is something you have worn, touched or climbed, there is a chance we can print it with Wilflex™ Texture Inks.

This collection of bases can be used alone or combined to create the desired look and unique feel.

Virus Water based screen printing inks


Low consumptions premium Water-based inks for eco friendly textile screen printing.

Screen Reclaiming - Screen Wash

Run-Clean General Purpose Screenwash. Low odour.
  • Screencleaning solvent suitable for use with all types of solvent based inks. The solvent has been designed to give rapid re-wetting of the ink even when dry and to assist in the subsequent “wash-off” process.
  • Low odour, non-aggressive and does not contain cyclohexanone.

Machinery and Equipment - Dip Tank

A comprehensive range of screen preparation and screen reclamation chemistry.

Remco recognise the need for screen printers to go one step beyond what has been typically available by focusing on producing a superior range of materials that meet all the reclaiming needs.

Whether in an automatic machine or by cleaning manually, efficiency and legislative compliance has always been associated with the Remco name.