Solvent based ink with semi-glossy finishing

  • High flexibility and elasticity
  • Good outdoor and sea water resistance
  • High opacity
  • Quick drying
  • AMC bases for the realization of more than 800 colours

Application fields

Printing of large weft and very absorbing dark fabrics, such as nylon and tyvek bags and clothes, and waterproofed fabrics. This product is also indicated for the realization of sliding and dry decals.

Technical Features

The performance of the product, printed with a 90 th/cm screen, is about 30-40 m2/Kg. These data are merely an indication, since they depend on the dilution, the substrate and the printing equipment.

TEXYLON series has an outdoor resistance (inclement weather, sunlight) up to 2 years.

These data are highly influenced by the kind of substrate to be printed, the altitude, the geographical position and the air pollution.

The addition of high percentages of white or transparent base to the ink causes a substantial reduction in its light resistance.

In order to improve flexibility and elasticity of the product, it is possible to add PLASTICIZER 8120-V-3 up to 10%.