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Wilflex Epic Transflex Lithoprint White


Transflex ‘soft’ inks range:
Designed for soft feel on light or pastel coloured garments

  • Excellent printability
  • Hot split or cold peel
  • Durable wash properties
SKU: W-11620TFX
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Soft feel transfer ink providing excellent opaque prints on dark fabrics.

Properties and benefits:

  • Good tensile strength
  • Excellent printability
  • Hot split,
  • Hot peel or cold peel

Wilflex Epic Transflex inks are used to create a soft-feel, hot-split transfers that give the appearance of a direct print. Using the Wilflex IMS software and Epic PCs, users can easily create translucent or opaque colours by adjusting the pigment loading. Properly formulated colours will produce soft, opaque prints on dark fabrics, without underbasing. Epic Transflex inks may also be used for conventional cold-peel transfers. Epic Transflex inks are designed for fine line detail and solid spot colour printing applications.

Available in 1US Gallon Sizes.

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