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G1 7mm x 35mm (75-80 shore) = Hard

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There a many different variations of Squeegee blade, each are designed to meet different demands. They can have a square, rounded or a pointed edge, each with a different hardness. It is essential that the correct squeegee is selected for the type of substrate and ink to be printed. Selecting the wrong type can affect your ink deposit, print quality therefore increasing your costs.

All too often the common mistakes that are made when selecting squeegee are:

  • Ordering by colour alone; each manufacturer has different colours which can vary, so ensure you know which hardness each is.
  • Selecting medium hardness, assuming it will do all jobs that come their way.

Using triple shore without knowing the outer hardness, again these are available in different harnesses, so specify when ordering.

Price is per meter. Full roll is available.

Console products are a range of Screen print and Digital consumables sold exclusively by Colenso.

G1 7mm x 35mm (75-80 shore) = Hard

**Also available in other sizes, please call 01928 701356.


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