New Wilflex One Non-PVC Plastisol Inks

Wilflex™ One is the latest innovation for printers and brand owners seeking non-PVC plastisol inks that perform to the most rigorous testing and aesthetic requirements in the market today. Offering ease of printing like a traditional plastisol ink coupled with the peace of mind that Wilflex One has been formulated without PVC and complies with most major brand’s restricted substance lists (RSL). Designed for high-speed production, Wilflex One is ready for any size production run, even under the hottest processing conditions. With a wide range of print applications and design capabilities, Wilflex One delivers a complete solution to the printer seeking a non-PVC premium system.

We’ve taken the guess-work out of choosing the correct white ink with Wilflex One. The Wilflex One Cotton White and Low Bleed White are both easy to print and can be used as a first down, stand alone or hi-light white. Get the same quality print with both whites and make your choice depending on the fabric your printing. These whites quickly stack in a few strokes while keeping sharp line details, perfect for high production printing. Opacity, optical brightness and premium feel are standard with Wilflex One white inks.

  • 11650W1W Wilflex One Cotton White – premium white for 100% cotton fabrics
  • 11655W1W Wilflex One Low Bleed White – premium white for moderate bleeding blends

The Wilflex One Underbase Gray has high-performance bleed resistance properties to prevent dye migration and excellent fiber matte down to achieve a smooth first down surface with minimal ink deposit. The gray colour provides a good neutral foundation to aide subsequent layers in quickly achieving opacity for an overall efficient process.

  • 10645W1UBG Wilflex One Underbase Gray – high-performance bleed resistance properties with excellent fiber matte down. Get a smooth under base surface in fewer strokes.

The Wilflex One MX Colour mixing system offers the most extensive colour range to meet today’s ever-changing market trends. Expect nothing but exceptional colour and durability from Wilflex One. Using the latest pigment technology, matching colours becomes quicker, easier and more accurate than ever before. With 17 MX colorants, Wilflex One covers the colour spectrum to match any custom or brand colour.

These inks are creamy right out of the bucket and stay consistent throughout the production run. The MX colours are balanced for opacity and accuracy to optimize performance on press while giving colour vibrancy that the consumer demands.

Wilflex One Clear is a versatile clear used to enhance the look and feel of any print. Its deep gloss is perfect for topcoat clear applications.

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